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This will unite the first suggestion with the wait feature of farming. Additionally a brand new fish will probably be creating an apperence. First you buy a trawler off any sailor for 500K (500'000gp), Then you get on the boat and use the fishing gear with the net holder, Then use the bait with the net holder, Then click on the steering wheel to OSRS gold set sail, Then when your done, click the row boat and it'll take you back to port sairum.

Remeber that feeling of pride you have when you completed dragon slayer? How can you access to Crandor? By boat of course! How can you visit Pest Control to conserve the Void Knight? Boat! How can you visit Brimenhaven Dungeon to have some metallic dragons? Boat needless to say! Boats are used regularly in RuneScape.

You constantly have some NPC sail you to some island. But why can't YOU bring your self and not have to pay that little amount of money which occupies inventory space. Well with the newest Boating Skill you can. This is how it works. You'd purchase planks like in Construction and you would work on your ship. You would need a saw to cut the planks, Nails, Planks (Of different types like construction) hammer and then of course yourself. Then once you assembled all the sections of your boat you can add things like a flag or possess the symbol of a clan on it. Then you may hire a team. You can hire a navagator, chef, pirate etc., to help take care of your ship.

You can even put cannons or catapults in your ship to battle other enemy ships. This would be a part of a mini-game. To sail your boat you must have a navagator and a captain to RuneScape gold buy help show you the way you can maneuver and run the boat. When you get into a certain level you will not need a Captain or Navigator. You can have different rooms such as cottages, a kitchen (That is where the Chef comes in) and even war-room in which you coordinate battles (Section of those mini-game see below). Well now on to this Mini-Game.

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