You cannot bring a dog, cat, monkey or a familiar or recognizable pouch

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You cannot bring a dog, cat, monkey or a familiar or recognizable pouch to the cavern the strain from the other measurement is too much for their character. The reason why you cant bring a dog, cat, fighter there is as they can get hurt to easily, the lizards which aren't dragons may evade falling stones and conceal easily upon your individual from the monsters, and the dragons, well nothing can hurt that monster.... The birds can just fly away from OSRS gold the rocks and monsters without any problem...please note that in case you bring the pets that are allowed you can't lose them through death in the Mini Game.

How to play with the Mini Game,'' Well I think I clarified as much in'Access the Mini Game' but if you're to lazy to read that I will explain exactly what you want (following the fire lighting) to range-mine you might need a rope (in case you have 70 variety and 50 power ) and you will require a pick axe your ok with shedding and 50 range with the required mining level for the ore your planning on getting.

To mine in the ceiling you've got to possess the mandatory range level and you throw the pick string at the ore onto the ceiling sometimes leading to that rocks ores falling and sometimes dropping 0-3 ores, this way is quicker then ordinary mining but has its own disadvantages, if your pick axe becomes stuck in the ceiling this is where 70 range 50 strength and also the rope come in handy.

You choose the rope and then sue it together with the pick axe that's stuck in the ceiling you then turn it into a lasso and loop it around the pick axe with your (awesome) ranging skills you then right click on the rope that's now dangling from the ceiling and then picked soon or after (it takes time just like pick pocketing) it'll come free and 0-10 pieces of ore could fall with it that the ore deals 2 damage along with the pick axe can cope up to 8 damage. Mining any 1 ore will give you 1 mining experience. As I have mentioned earlier you will find charm guardians and OSRS gold they are Runescape monsters that can be from level 1-360 and as their name indicates they shield the Charm ores from being mined and will be only to pleased to slaughter you.


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