Newport Wholesale Cigarettes

Newport Wholesale CigarettesNewport Wholesale CigarettesNewport Wholesale CigarettesNewport Wholesale Cigarettes

The packaging is novel and stylish, with distinctive personality. It is favored by many tasteful smokers and has become a popular brand among thin cigarettes. Its elegant and slender cigarette body can not only show the unique charm of female smokers, but also give male smokers a sense of conquest, and it is also a symbol of identity. There is a peculiar scent when you open the package, similar to the smell of dried honeysuckle Parliament Cigarettes. People who like it will feel it scented, and those who don’t like it will frown and feel rushing to the nose; when you smoke it, a faint floral fragrance fills the whole mouth, and the taste buds have a refreshing Slightly irritating, it seems that I just chewed light gum and took a big sip. The energy is small and the satisfaction is not high. It is suitable for novice rations. After one sucks, the fresh feeling is still maintained in the mouth, but the meaning is still not enough. Not addictive. First of all, without squeezing the cracked beads, taste the taste of the new products. ignite. Its smoke is very full. The gentle and soft smoke gives the tongue and throat a clear comfort, without any irritation and itching. The smoke after entering the lungs is not as strong and direct as thick cigarettes, but because of the inner elegant breath and the mellow and soft taste, it brings a harmonious and unified sense of satisfaction. After squeezing the fragrant beads and lighting, the taste of the mouth changes from the mellow medicinal scent to a refreshing and sweet smell Newport 100S. Spit out smoke, aftertaste the lips and teeth, there is a very strong sweet smell remaining. The taste is not excessively rich, but refreshing, with moist aroma and sweetness. As the smoke slipped into the lungs, the tongue and throat felt sweet and sweet. What you can taste at the mouth and nose is a refreshing breath flowing. The smoke after entering the lungs, on the basis of mellow and softness, is complemented by sweetness in a timely manner, and the overall sense of satisfaction and comfort are unified. The overall picture packaging design of the cigarette case is in the same line as the common specification treasure series. Visually and in terms of texture, the leather-like texture appears. I personally feel that this kind of packaging material is environmentally friendly, and the design is restrained and low-key, low-key and extraordinary. The appearance is simple and elegant, the cigarette smell is fresh and natural, and it exudes a light sweet fragrance. The length of the filter is about 35mm. The design of the cigarette is simple and elegant, and the color of the filter is similar to rice paper, which is very classical. The entire packaging design is antique and elegant. The scent of tobacco accentuates the floral scent of golden tea, and the scent of tobacco is mixed with floral scent, which is rich and fragrant. When you smoke, the smoke has a very high degree of resilience, with a sweet floral scent on the tip of the tongue, comfortable and natural inhalation Marlboro Lights, and the aftertaste is sweet and radiant.
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